How It Works

At Fertility LA, we take a comprehensive approach to address the complex issue of unexplained fertility challenges. Our method isn't just a quick look or a one-size-fits-all solution. We dive deep into various aspects of your life and health to create a personalized plan that's tailored just for you. Here's an inside look into our approach.

We begin with your fertility story. It's essential for us to understand your journey up to this point. We're interested in any tests you've undergone, treatments like IUI and IVF you might have tried, and your experience with miscarriages if any. Your history provides vital clues that help us form the next steps in your fertility plan.

Energy is a crucial factor not just for your overall well-being but also for fertility. We assess your diet, your sleep patterns, your physical activity, and even how you manage stress. Each of these elements plays a part in your overall energy levels, which in turn can affect your fertility.

Daily life choices can significantly influence your chances of conceiving. Factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, medication use, and body weight are thoroughly evaluated. These factors often play a more significant role in fertility than most people realize.

Body temperature is another important metric. By tracking your body temperature across your monthly cycle, we can identify patterns that provide valuable insights into your fertility.

We also run tests to check your hormone levels. Imbalances in hormones can have a significant impact on fertility. By identifying and understanding these imbalances, we can address them effectively.

Blood quality and volume are also essential factors for fertility. By studying your monthly cycle and other blood-related issues, we can determine if these aspects are supporting or hindering your journey to conception.

Of course, fertility is not just a 'woman's issue.' If applicable, we also assess the male partner's health, focusing on aspects like semen quality, to ensure a comprehensive approach.

By looking at these diverse factors, we gain a holistic understanding of your health and fertility. We then use this information to develop a natural, personalized plan to help you move past the obstacles in your fertility journey.

If you'd like to explore this approach further, we invite you to ask for a free visit. Our goal is to guide you from fertility challenges to a fulfilling life, with the family you wish for.